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  • Unleash Studio:

    The Studio is in the "lanai" or terrace of the apartment I live in. After sitting down, sketching and thinking of the endless possibilities of what could become Unleash Studio, finally I created a space where I could feel inspired to work in and, at the same time, a place where I could be surrounded by unique and functional creations that were made with love.

    The desk is where I spend most nights creating and also thinking of the next projects for Unleash. It is made with Aluminum and plexi-glass. I designed it this way because I like displaying models and things underneath it while also keeping the surface of the desk free and with space to draw. There is a bench that pulls out where you can cut pieces of wood and use as support.

    My “Unleash” sign was made with a recycled ladder and basic letters cut by hand. Its purpose is to illuminate the studio with bright ideas and to let everyone know that Unleash is here to stay!

    The suspended shelf is made out of a recycled aluminum ladder, basic plastic boards and also, specially designed stainless steel brackets to keep it hanging from the ceiling. Hanging from it are two industrial lamps that help light up the studio area with a soft light adding a little bit more ambience if desired, and one lamp that lights up the desk I work on. Great for storage and great for saving space.

    Because I needed a place to sit and read while I do my research. I designed a chair made with a recycled ladder, aluminum and PVC pipe tubes and shelves made with metal brackets and thick foamcore shelves.

    If you are a small person, you might like the small and cozy chairs that I made out of laundry baskets. The base of where these rest is a small bench made of aluminum. These chairs are good for having discussions while hanging out with your friends.

    I love working in this space, its perfect for me!

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